Here we are! There are lots of images to choose from, none of them are retouched (skin smoothed, artistic alterations etc) or prepared for printing yet, which will happen for the images you choose in the end. Artistic alterations may include the removal of objects that disturb the overall composition, like those markers seen in some of the first images from your shoot, brightening/darkening of parts of the image, and others. 

Sizes and Prices:

Prints are 8x12in (approx. A4 sized), matted, $279 ea. If you order 10 or more of these they come in the beautiful, handmade Memory Box and their individual price drops down to $199 ea ($1990 for 10).

The smaller prints are 5x7.5in, matted, $199 ea.

Larger art prints at 11x16.5in and is valued at $490, with the next size being 40x60cm and is valued at $690.

Have fun picking your favourite shots!

Kind regards, Annabel